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Visual Design Intern





YOKE is offering a 5 month paid internship on visual design. Graphics interns are an essential part of an environment with many different profiles: designers, programmers, concept developers and more.

Everybody can be a potential candidate here, but it will help us that you have some of these specific skills in your toolbox:

— Pen-and-paper idea generating
— A fine eye and love for typography
— Vector graphic fluency
— Curiosity about animation and motion software
— 3d modelling
— Ability to align with existing visual languages
— Understanding of UX and visual interfaces

...big plus if you speak danish.

It is important for us that our interns get some tangible and useful professional experiences from their time here. Therefore, you will enter as an equal part of the team and you will have a unique opportunity to shape projects and take independent ownership. As an intern, you will work both in small teams and on your own. You will participate in design pitches and production tasks.

About us

YOKE is a design agency based in Copenhagen. We are known for our interactive installations, that go from simple museum applications to artistic media experiences. In the last years, we have been developing a more holistic way of working. We develop projects where we not only design the installations, software and hardware setups, but also the overall concept, art direction, copywriting and production of every particular element.

Our clients range from public institutions like museums to private companies, all of them on the seek of powerful experiences.



Send an email with a letter and your portfolio to interns@yoke.dk, referring to “Visual Design Intern 2021"

Duration: 5 months
Payment: 5.000 Danish Krone per month
Application deadline: 7th of July, 2021