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Motion Design Intern





Are you a visual storyteller at heart?

We believe in teamwork, fun, complex projects, and simple solutions. How about you? We’re looking for a likeminded Motion Design Intern with the experience, passion and Jedi skills to help us rid the world of crappy design – one project at a time.

Would you like to...?
• Be part of a six-month full-time internship with hands-on experience in a growing international business
• Be responsible for film production with our Brand and Digital team and work with real video projects from day one
• Assist in the storyboarding, filming and editing of live-action, archive and internal productions
• Work across departments – occasionally across global offices – applying your unique approach to video storytelling
• Stay updated on the latest developments/trends/thinking within your field and share your knowledge and thoughts

We would like you to be...
• A master student filmmaker with editing skills with a structured way of working, and capable of helping create video concepts
• Professional in the use of Adobe Premiere Pro – some experience with Adobe After Effects and an overall interest in Motion Graphics would be a plus
• Professional in your approach to video-making, with a track record to match
• A responsible and organized team-player who is not afraid of taking initiative
• Eager to learn, enthusiastic, and an engaging person
• A problem solver, with ideas that challenge the ordinary, together with the drive –¬ and the guts – to bring them to life
• Someone with a ‘here to help’ attitude, who absolutely, fundamentally believes that we’re better together
• Fluent in English – other languages are a bonus!

Would you like to join...?
• An inspiring, social, collaborative and playful work environment, with annual cross-office inspiration trips, and local inspiration sessions all year round
• A bunch of people who embrace Mondays, drink beer on Fridays, and annoy our friends by talking about work on the weekend
• Breakfast and lunch with us every day – not to mention cake on Thursdays



Go online and apply through our website designit.com/careers. But before you do here’s a few insights on our application process.

• We’d like a quick idea of who you are, and the work you’re proud of, so share your portfolio with us (if you have one) and your CV, LinkedIn profile or similar.
• Even if you use LinkedIn to apply with, you should add it to ‘Websites’ in your application for us to see it.
• No cover letter or lengthy essay is needed, we’ll get to know you through some questions in the application form.
• Please apply in English, as that is our main language in Designit.

Thanks! And if you should have any open questions, you are of course always welcome to get in touch with our People Team via people@designit.com.