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Senior UX Designer and Researcher





See job description here: forecast.breezy.hr/p/52a4dcc5755f-senior-ux-designer-and-researcher

Forecast is looking for a senior UX Designer and Researcher to join our growing startup. You will be part of the product team, which consists of product designers and UX'ers, and your main responsibility will be to research current and new features and problems, we would like to solve for our customers. We work with B2B software, so you will mainly be talking to companies and looking at company data and behavior. You will be part of a company that tries to change the way project managers work in order to have better collaboration and better projects. We create software together in cross-functional teams, and each team has a great influence on how to work, what to build, and how to interact with customers.

Who are we looking for
First of all, we are looking for someone fun, passionate, and assertive, who loves understanding the small details about how people work: Who they are, why they work as they do, and what their problems are. Then involve and communicate user needs to engineers and designers. You should have a good sense of humor and be willing to spend the time and energy to deep dive into customer problems and ways of working. Therefore, you are someone who takes ownership of customer problems and product ideas and can communicate how they can be turned into functional and user-friendly features. You should be able to conduct independent research, analyze user behavior and provide deep insights into the goals and preferences of our business customers. This is both qualitative and quantitative work. You should also understand our own business requirements and any technical limitations.

Examples of work could be organizing and conducting interviews, analyzing user data, surveys, and translating data into sitemaps, user flows, customer journey maps, and wireframes. Final designs will be created by our product designers.

You are also expected to optimize current features in the product by using normal usability principles for faster efficiency, learnability, memorability, and satisfaction.

Being part of a fast-moving startup can be challenging, and you must be comfortable with working in an ever-changing environment. However, if you have a passion for UX and you want to leave your mark on the future of work for project and resource managers, then you’d be an excellent fit for our team! You’ll be involved in every step of the process from strategic concept design to hands-on development of all aspects of Forecast products.

Core Responsibilities:
* Work with discovery in a dual-track agile framework.
* Ensure that the product is efficient to use, easy to learn, easy to remember, and creates satisfaction for our users.
* Facilitate the product vision by researching, conceiving, sketching, prototyping and user-testing experiences for digital products.
* Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions.
* Understand and champion user problems in product teams.
* Make sure all team members in your have a common understanding of the user journey and needs
* Conduct competitor research and gather information about the market.
* Ask smart questions, take risks and champion new ideas.

How will you work?
You will be placed in one or two product teams, which are cross-functional teams consisting of engineers, a designer, and you. In your everyday work, you will be working closely with the team, but you will also be self-driven in running discovery.
You will be reporting directly to the Head of Product, so you have the possibility to influence where the product is going.

As we are constantly listening to and reacting to user feedback, market feedback, and technology changes, you will probably experience a rapidly changing work environment. It's great fun and you will always be working on the most important thing, but it can also be hard.

You have...
* Experience with software UX. Preferable from a B2B business and more than 2 years of experience.
* A natural eye for minimal design and good composition. * Ideally, you obsess about details, and delighting users.
* Excellent written/verbal communication skills: Communicate results and illustrate suggestions in compelling and creative ways. And you should be able to clearly articulate why.
* Strong knowledge of usability principles and resolving user pain points.
* Understanding of product lifecycles: From discovery, research, and prototyping to design and usability. You are familiar with design tools like Sketch, InVision or similar.
* Passion about the quality of work you produce, and you're self-motivated to spot ways to improve it.
* You're fun, assertive, and self-driven.
* Fluent in English (and have an EU work permit)