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Author: Interactive Fiction





Intudia - democratizing interactive fiction

Interactive fiction is the gamification of books, it had a golden age back in the 80's with a lot of paperback fantasy books. Intudia is here to bring interactive fiction into the 21st century, as digital interactive audiobooks.

We're looking for writers who are interested in reinventing and exploring this new category of fiction.

Whether you're a settled- or aspiring- author, a fiction or non-fiction author, a normal or interactive author. Then Intudia might just be your next employer or publisher.
Intudia is kickstarting a completely new genre of writing and we want you to be part of it!
We are negotiable when it comes to the contract, whether you're looking for a fixed price gig or a royalty agreement.



If you're interested in writing for Intudia then send us an application and if possible, please:
1. elaborate on your former work as an author - we would
like to know as much as possible:
1.a what are your favourite genres
1.b do you have reviews of previous work
1.c do you have some quantitative on existing fanbase
(sold copies etc)?
1.d can you link to some of your former works
2. tell us if you prefer to write for Intudia as a
freelance/hired writer
2.a please state your expected pay (hourly rate or price
for writing rougly 50k words)
3. or perhaps you prefer to publish your works on Intudia
(please state your expected royalty rate & down
payment, plus a short pitch)

Feel free to contact us, contact info can be found on our website.