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Digital Product Designer





There are so many fun and creative ideas that are waiting to be designed and built! At Forecast, we are looking for a Product Designer to join our growing startup, and join our exciting journey in changing project management.

In this position, you will work as a software designer, participate in building our design system, and work closely together with UX’ers, developers, and managers to ensure that our platform is beautiful, satisfying, easy to use, and efficient for our users. Your main responsibility will be to design the core applications for project management.

You will join a product team, which consists of a designer (you), a UX’er, a product manager, and developers. We create software together in cross-functional teams, and each team has a great influence on how to work, what to build, and how to interact with customers..

Being part of a fast-moving startup can be challenging and you must be comfortable working in an ever-changing environment. However, if you have a passion for crafting great user interfaces and you want to leave your mark on the Future of Work, then you’d be a great fit for our team! In short, you will have a big impact on shaping delightful products, assets, and features that will come to represent us. You’ll be involved in every step of the process from strategic concept design to hands-on development of all aspects of Forecast products.

First of all, we are looking for someone skilled, fun, passionate, who loves designing, discussing design and design interactions, and can think through all the details of a new design. You like to work in a team, can bring your design skills in play, and can argue for your design decisions. You can handle feedback, knowledge from other professions, and you can incorporate it into current and future work. We love having fun and are passionate about our product, and we hope you will join us in this!

* Designing digital products and experiences in different fidelities and for different purposes.
* Responsible for look & feel of current and future products so they’re visually appealing, simple, easy to understand, learn, and use.
* Develop concepts and designs in collaboration with UX’ers, developers, managers, and other designers in an agile process.
* Obsess about our users and what their problems are
Work iteratively based on data, customer input, feedback, and new learnings.
* Deliver final designs in all states: Responsive, pixel perfect designs for the engineering team to build.
* Participate in updating and maintaining the design system.
* Understand and champion user problems in product teams.
* Conduct competitor research and gather information about the market.
* Own and develop the design process in a team from research and conceptualization to final design and implementation in the product.

* 2+ years of product design from a software product (as an internal designer).
* A bachelors degree or similar from an established design school
* Experience from a B2B product is an advantage
* Experience with agile and iterative product development is an advantage
* You have a natural eye for minimal design and good composition, and you obsess about details, and delighting users.
* You're passionate about the quality of work you produce and you're self-motivated to spot ways to improve it.
* Understanding of Human-centered design, product interactions, and design systems.
* Excellent written/verbal communication skills —  you should be able to clearly articulate your design decisions.
* Strong knowledge of usability principles.
* Fluent in English.



Please send us your CV, a link to your portfolio, and a short application. In your application, include at least one example of a digital product you have worked on and how you worked on this product (in less than 250 words).

Apply on forecast.breezy.hr