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Digital Designer

Simple Feast




We’re growing fast and we need your help to save the world.

We are hiring a full time digital designer to join our team in Copenhagen. At Simple Feast we are on a mission to change the world’s eating habits towards a more sustainable future, and we’re doing it by showing the power of plants. In 2020 we’re going to continue growing our restaurant-level-plant-based-food-meal-kit-service, as well as build a movement around plant based food.

Who you are:
You’re a good digital designer and you have a portfolio that shows an understanding of designing for a screen. You can take the lead in creating a consistent visual language across web and app and find it exciting to design a new website for simple feast.

Further qualifications:

- You have the experience to start with an idea and through prototyping, sketches, more iterations and if needed creative dance to communicate the idea, and work with our developers to bring the idea to life.
- You understand user experience and your goal is always to make something beautiful that works for the user.
- You understand that a website is both a brand experience as well as a sales funnel, and you are able to tie your designs to strategic decisions. The baseline for the work you’ll do is a good understanding of visual design, user experience and interface design branding.
- You don’t need to code, but a basic understanding of how websites and apps work is needed.

You have some years of experience and you have passion. Sometimes you go to a museum and get an idea for a product page while looking at a painting. The first time you watched minority report you got excited about a future without USB sticks, but also slightly concerned about screen glare. You agree that Paul Rand is one of the greatest designers ever, because he designed the pictogram logo for IBM and if you don’t agree that’s fine as well. You care deeply about kerning, colors, quality and daedlines. You care about details, and just got annoyed that we misspelled deadlines.

What you’ll do:

- Wake up, excited to go to work.
- Redesign our website.
- Design a new feature for our app.
- Help define a strategy for creating an interface that ties into our packaging.
- Learn how design and business work hand in hand.
- Get frustrated and reach out to solve the problem.
- Enjoy a few hours spent designing a cookie pop up.
- Grow as a designer
- Use that color you don’t like and realise that it actually looks rather nice.
- Enjoy the fact that nothing is someone else’s problem.
- Join us and start adding to this list.

This job comes with following perks and benefits:

- Our own food for lunch cooked by our talented chefs
- Discount to our meal boxes
- Great parental leave and maternity
- Social activities including swimming and running club
- Pension




If you think this sounds like a good match and you are interested in joining an international team, please fill in the form via the link below and let’s chat. The application deadline is the 3rd of February 2020. We process applications and arrange interviews continually.

Simple Feast encourages anyone interested regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic affiliation to apply for the position.