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Kaspar is an artistic film research project supported by the Danish Film Institute that just recently developed into a company. Our aim is to explore the possibility of using A.I. and machine learning processes in the realm of filmmaking. We are looking for an intern (for now and for the future) that will help us with the extensive research on ethics of the filmmaking and gender and ethnic bias of algorithms. We are looking for Film and Media, Gender Studies, Mediology, Anthropology or Visual Anthropology student (or surprise us with your background) to join our team.



We encourage applications from candidates from diverse backgrounds. We would love you to apply via email with your CV and motivation letter. Both CV and motivation letter SHOULD NOT include your name, gender, ethnicity, and age (motivation letter shouldn't suggest any of those). Emails will be received by a third party and passed further. We will call you! So please remember your phone number!

Send the application to: info@kasparai.com

We are looking forward.