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Can you illustrate privacy?

Hello, we are Cybot! We protect users’ privacy online. We think data protection in the digital sphere is one of the most important fields of our times. In the Communication Team, we have the words for it, but we are missing the visual language to back it up and make it come alive, in our blogposts and on our SoMe-channels.
We are therefore looking for an in-house Graphic Designer for our Comms Team. If you are good at thinking conceptually and at visualising those ideas as compelling illustrations, images and gifs, we’d love to hear from you!

You will be responsible for:
• Designing visual content and illustrations for our blog posts
• Creating eye-catching infographics, pictures, gifs etc. for our postings on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

From time to time, you’ll also be:
• Assisting us with implementing our new visual identity on the website
• Helping improve support articles with visual step by step guides, tutorials etc.
• Setting up the visual side of presentations (PowerPoint/Keynote) for your colleagues

You are good at:
• Expressing complex topics such as privacy, regulations and technology in an easy-to-understand way
• Applying a company’s new CVI Manual as the backbone in your day-to-day production of images, illustrations, and other visual material for blog and SoMe
• Collaborating and developing ideas with your colleagues
• If you have video-editing skills, that is a clear advantage

What you need to know:
• We offer a flexible work environment, with primary location in either Central Odense or Central Copenhagen (the rest of the Comms team is in Copenhagen)
• You will report to our Head of Communication and collaborate closely with our copy writers, communication specialists, and with our product UX/UI designer
• We use Adobe Cloud which will be your primary working tool – so experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is a must

Who we are:
At Cybot, we focus on protecting users’ privacy online. We do this through our Cookiebot consent management platform which helps more than 350,000 websites all over the world remain compliant and create transparency about their use of cookies and tracking – we actually collect and manage over 10 billion user consents every year, securing compliance with all major regulations and guidelines on e-Privacy in the world. Our company operates from two offices, one in Copenhagen and one in Odense.

We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible.

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How to apply
Please send your CV, application, and portfolio/examples of your best work to:
Madeleine Saunte, Head of Communication
E-mail: careers@cybot.com