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SoMe Hero (part-time)

Life Design Circle




Are you our new SoMe Hero?
Life Design Circle is looking for a SoMe Hero who would like to do an internship and join us at our cool office space at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). The internship could be a 3-month experience with
possibility of extension.

We are a community-based company empowering individuals and teams to playfully apply design for wellbeing. Currently, we facilitate interactive online / hybrid
workshops for young path seekers in their late 20s to build a Life Vision of their future.

Who are you?
- you enjoy working independently, but also like to collaborate with others
- you are proactive and not just reactive, and can foresee the future needs and opportunities
- you enjoy SoMe personally - words like leads & hashtags are part of your daily vocabulary
- you are a person who seeks growth and variety in your daily tasks
- you are able to be strategic in planning, but also can be creative in executing
- you are great at finding the right words to bring an exciting message across

What is the Job?
We are looking for someone to take over the challenge of "translating" our visual and brand identity into a SoMe strategy. Also, we want to give you space to build a tone
of voice when communicating our mission and growing our audience into a movement of life design enthusiasts.

There are two parts of the job-creating a SoMe strategy and expanding our audience organically.

Part one is about:
- analyze our insights from a SoMe audit and draw conclusions on what works build upon our current SoMe strategy for our channels - Facebook & Instagram
- conduct research on possible ways to optimize our SoMe communication
- develop a written post guideline for our designer and photographers

Part two is about:
- keep our two SoMe channels (Facebook & Instagram) fresh, update twice a week and engage with others
- expand our audience organically by sharing the right type of content
- get curious about how can we connect more with our followers and start a movement
- get excited about our mission and share it with the world!

What are your daily tasks?
We are independent thinkers and doers, but we like juggling ideas and have fun while creating together. We know what energizes us individually, how our working style is, and are able to make sure we care for our own needs while communicating with the team.

Are you are an early riser or a night owl, you prefer more straight action or structured planning, do you need more verbal feedback or a tap on the shoulder? If you already know what your ideal work style is that is awesome! If you are still discovering, we can give you a taste of our Life Design tools to figure that out :)

What you can most definitely look forward to is some team meetings to we set some goals, regular feedback (and applause!) for each other on the way, and you having
the creative freedom to leave your own mark and decide how to structure your daily tasks.

What is your background?
Ideally, you would have an academic background in Marketing and Communication. However, we know that SoMe are people of action and experience, so we are also
happy to have a person with hands-on experience.

Skills that we find very useful:
- excellent level of written English and copywriting
- ability to come up with ideas on how to visualize content
advanced knowledge of popular social media platforms
- ability to project prioritize and meet deadlines
- loving direct feedback as it just makes things better faster

What can we do for you?
As part of the internship, you can enjoy access to cool office space, knowledge and community of Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE). We will share some lunches and beers together, or you can also choose when to work from home and do your own thing. You will also be part of our website wall of fame of Life Design Heroes and we spread the word!

If there is anything else we can do to support your growth and career, let us know!

Are you in?
If you feel excited after reading this, we would really like to meet you!



Drop us a message at hi@lifedesigncircle.co. Make sure you include links to your SoMe profiles, a short (max. 250 words) message on what makes you feel excited about Life Design Circle and we are curious to know who are you from the 16
personalities: 16personalities.com