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Early-stage Fintech SaaS-startup seeking a freelance UX researcher





At Francis, we’re tired of:
- Budgets that’s hard to maintain, both in terms of forecasting and reporting
- Job postings communicated in bullets
That’s also why we’re looking for an experienced UX researcher, who can ask the right questions both to us and our users, so that we fail fast and iterate quickly. We’d love to work with someone who’s tried to build other SaaS-tools, preferably with some level of accounting or budgeting knowledge. It is important you are keen on taking data-driven decisions and are detail oriented in your work.
Your role:
We’ve done numerous interviews and tests with potential customers and we probably need to have more customer interactions with you on board. We need you to design the right wireframes and get the first version up and running. Your role is to ask the right questions and sketch early wireframes for our MVP, so that we can launch with something that’s competitive from day one.
How we evaluate you:
When we evaluate whether or not you’re the right candidate, we look for work experience within design thinking, user experience processes and wireframing. Knowledge within the space of financial mangement is a plus, but not a requirement.
How we work:
We believe in agile principles, we like to listen to Marty Cagan and Teresa Torres and love to read business literature around IT, agile and lean. We believe that too many features are being developed without having problem/solution fit and that some of the biggest mistakes that startups are doing, can be prevented by de-risking early in the process through design. Even though we love agile, we believe that in 2021, the primary measure of progress isn’t working software, but validated learnings – learnings that rightly so can be validated through working software, but in many cases can be validated faster and cheaper through design.
About us:
The founding team consists of a serial entrepreneur, a former McKinsey consultant and a Lead Engineer with over 20 years experience. Our vision is to empower all the SMB CFOs out there, with a supercharged tool for financial planning and analysis and we’re looking for an experienced UX researcher to help us make that happen.
If you go through our initial screening, we’ll follow up on telephone within one to two weeks after your application. After that, we schedule a 40 minute call and make a decision within one week.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or message August at august@francisapp.com or 31565902



Send an application to august@francisapp.com with a CV + short motivated message.