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Digital Producer





Limbo is looking for a well rounded digital producer for our Copenhagen office.

Someone to help guide the team of clients and colleagues from A-Z, and make sure everyone is aligned.

Someone to manage processes just as much as projects.

Someone who cares about the cash, but also about the craft and the culture.

Someone who leads with empathy and keeps calm under pressure.

We don’t really care much about your Prince II certification or that time you spent at the School of Scrum. But we care that you are not afraid to open your mouth. In fact, you’re probably quite the communicator.

You probably have a few years of experience, and you definitely know that learning is a lifelong process. That way, we’ll help you grow, and you’ll do the same for us.



Sound good? Well let’s dance, then! Drop us a line (and don’t be afraid to show us the cool stuff you’ve helped create so far) at showme@limbo.works. We’re holding our breath, waiting to hear from you.