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In this full time position, you’ll be helping out on various projects, both commercial and editorial - still Images and moving. We do everything from campaigns to lookbooks, packshots to E-com images and all in-between.

The key responsibilities of the jobs are as listed:

- Assist on various retouching projects as assigned including taking part in email correspondences with clients and managing the schedules for your assigned projects.

- Perform administrative tasks including managing files and backup completed projects.

- Assist with daily tasks including tracking packages, picking up proofprints, helping with keeping the workspace clean etc.

Here is our description of the ideal person for this job:

Big time tech-geek, as well as an artistic-soul with an aesthetic eye superb.
Your Liquify skills are out of this world, and your experience with Stamp, Healing, and Path tool is unrivaled.

You're a problem solver by heart and knows how to follow tasks safely to the end with a sharp eye for deadlines. You would love to be a part of our small office community in Copenhagen, as well as independently managing your own time within given tasks.

You’re passionate about your work, and have a great desire to keep learning with a curious approach, an open mind, and if there's something you don't know, you're always prone to see if the answer lies a quick google search away.

Flexibility to working hours is highly valued.
We work mainly with Adobe CC and Capture One.



Please send us a mail to jobs@shepostproduction.com with your application and CV, as well as a single pdf with a selection of your work.