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Senior Product Designer





Cantilever is a web design and development consultancy with a handcrafted, detail-oriented approach to web design and development. Our philosophy is “digital hospitality”: the belief that sites should be welcoming, considerate, intelligent and respectful. We are a 100% remote studio growing fast. We are looking for a Senior Product Designer skilled specifically in Product & UI design to deliver beautiful, thoughtful design work for clients with web applications and complex interfaces.

Here is a quick video to give you a sense of who we are and what we do: youtube.com/watch?v=VQfvesdW78Y&feature=emb_title

And here is our handbook, where we write down everything we can think of about how our business works and why it is special: notion.so/Handbook-7499d6e6ac6a441aaba73404046883ce

To design usable, effective products for Cantilever’s clients – on time, to spec, and on budget.
Product designers are UI & UX designers who particularly specialized in the design of web and mobile applications. A good product designer would be capable of designing a typical marketing website, but feels more comfortable with highly interactive user interfaces.

Product design is a fascinating and difficult corner of the design world. You have to be able to understand functional requirements, development constraints, manage tight timeframes, and deliver consistent and beautiful results. Our main product design client right now is a complex CRM product. You need to be able to absorb the full business context of a client like this and deliver work that is just as good as in-house work would be.

To be successful in this role, you should have an keen eye for usability, aesthetics, and accessibility, and be able to translate real-world requirements into practical product features. Ultimately, you'll help us build products that are easy to use, and that are visually appealing to our clients. Most product designers are also strong in other areas of design, or even frontend development. We all have a “hybrid” mentality at Cantilever and would be happy to tailor your role to whatever skills you bring.

Key Competencies
Note our global Mission, Vision, and Values here: notion.so/cantilever/Mission-Vision-and-Values-12a6b41f73d0487181d3634cff3e5198 

These are a specific lens on those values, for this particular role.
* Passion for Digital Hospitality – Prioritizing the needs of the user over anything else
* An attitude of service and a willingness to seek and accept feedback, even when frustrating
* Willingness to react to real product outcomes and user feedback, even when in contradiction to one’s own original ideas
* Empathy for users, clients, and peers
* The ability to understand highly technical and complex products and business realities
* Willingness to design and innovate without much help or input
* The ability to create a complex but organized design system within Figma, integrating nested components, variants, styles, and multiple files
* Working understanding of web development principles
* Flexibility ****to adapt to multiple different products
* A tremendous intuition for high quality user experience
* Exceptional reliability and follow-through on commitments and agreements
* Strong English communication skills (written and oral)

Typical Responsibilities
* Understand user needs or play a role in defining them, by either performing user research individually or in collaboration with the client.
* Conceptualize and build accessible design systems in Figma. It is expected that you have a good understanding of both Google's Material Design and Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and you are also able to write documentation.
* Create user flows of complex products that often span several scenarios.
* Create low-fidelity prototypes, ideally in Figma. Extra points if you have any experience animating in After Effects + Lottie.
* Design products that provide a great user experience. Your work should improve key product metrics for our clients, such as time in product, referral rate, and net promoter score.
* Be involved in brainstorming meetings together with several stakeholders, where you are expected to go through designs; or create video walkthroughs (we use Loom).
* Be comfortable using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop once in a while.

You will be expected to:
* Do at least 28 hours a week of high quality design work in a typical week.
* Deliver at least 90% of your accepted assignments on time, disregarding delays due to others.
* Play a part in retaining long-term client relationships by providing great design that they want to keep coming back for. Your projects should maintain at least a 50% client retention rate (meaning that at least half the time you work on a project, the client comes back), unless someone else on the team messes up!

Compensation & Benefits
Compensation would be based on the Cantilever Compensation policy and the Designer Career Ladder. If we make you an offer we will give you an assessment on the career ladder. This will lead to a score which translates into a pay tier. We are considering candidates for whom a fair salary would be between USD 65,000 and USD 120,000.

We are also seeking a cultural fit with Cantilever’s group of quirky nerds. We are passionate about our work but ready to leave it ‘at the office’ at the end of the day. We actively seek diversity and encourage applicants from groups underrepresented in technology. This job is open to anyone regardless of location, so long as you can communicate clearly in English. The world’s a big place, and we’re looking for people who can help us effectively work with all of it!
Since this is a remote position, relocation assistance and visa sponsorship are unfortunately not applicable.



Please send all applications to Ty at hi@cantilever.co.