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Atmos Creative Collective is looking for new members!


Atmos Creative Collective is looking for new members!

350kr/month + 3 months deposit (1050kr) + key deposit (100kr)




Atmos is a creative collective with an open environment. It is set centrally in a basement near Forum St. and there is space enough for 24 creative people. These people come from all over the world, but they live in Copenhagen.

The members use the space for a variety of things e.g. painting, photography, doing illustrations and animations, video editing, writing, sewing, designing, hanging out and arranging the occasional exhibition or other events.

The monthly rent is 350kr/month + 3 months deposit (1050kr) + key deposit (100kr).

Please if you are interested to join our collective we would love you to fill the application and send it to us by e-mail (info@atmoscph.com) and we will get back to you.

Application Questions:

1. Which activities would you mainly use Atmos for (painting, drawing, sewing, sculpting etc.)?

2. What is your primary media for work, if any (e.g. oil paint, laptop, sewing machine, wood work, etc).?

3. How extensive do you think your use of Atmos will be (approximately hours/days per week on average)?

4. Do you have any specific requirements to perform your activities successfully (amount of space / noise / dust)?

5. Does your main activity require a fixed work space, or can materials, tools etc. be moved and stored?

6. What do you think about the possibility to share your knowledge and skills and contribute to others projects? Is there anything specific you would like to teach or learn together with other Atmos members?

7. Do you have any other ideas already about collaborative projects, activities you could see doing at Atmos/together with other Atmos members?

8. Feel free to share anything else that might be relevant for this application, such as previous membership in other collectives, samples of your creative work and motivation to join our collective.

We look forward reading your application!