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Nice big Studio // Sublease


Nice big Studio // Sublease

2000DKK, 2500DKK




Dear community,
I'm subletting a nice big Studio in Frederiksberg with a great working atmosphere and very friendly creative colleagues on the other floors. You will also have direct access to a sunny peaceful garden where you can sit and have a meal or just take a break from work. There's also a nice Tea Kitchen on the ground floor you can use. The reason why I'm subletting this cool studio is that I got an offer to work in Jutland so I will communte between there and CPH and therefore am looking for a good person who likes to work in the studio from Monday - Thursday. But I am also flexible and we can arrange sth. else if you have special plans. You will have a great big space to work, it's only important that your work makes no dust and you don't work with tons of toxic material on a regular basis^^ The working space itself might have 60 or more sqm. If you write please write a bit about yourself/your plans. The rent is from May on. My contract is limited until End of August but there is possibility of extension of using the space depending of the landlords' plans. About the details and the arrangement we can talk in person or via Email prior to our meeting. I look forward to your feedback.


Mobile nr. 52 74 35 69