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Office space in Nordhavn


Office space in Nordhavn





The art collective FUKK (Forenede Uæfhængige Københavnske Kunstnere) is opening its beautiful 135m2 studio up to provide personal workspaces from 1st November 2019.

We’ve created a new upstairs office in our shared studio with 4 workspaces that can be tailored to your needs. The studio offers you a relaxed work environment during the day, access to our collective event space and to a community of other folks pursuing their individual work and collaborating on passion projects - in a unique professional & collective studio/workspace.

With a personal workspace at FUKK you can both focus on your own work and/or take part in FUKK’s collaborative events and projects.

What do we mean by workspace?
– A desk and a place to store the “tools of your trade” and personal belongings

– Access to printer, scanner, a bunch of paper, paper cutter, projectors + more

– Access to a small wood/metal workshop and shared tools

– A 90m2 gallery/event space that you can reserve for bigger projects and exhibitions

– A newly installed kitchen shared with the larger community of PB43

– A sound system, lively social group and underground artistic events and parties

Renting a workspace with FUKK gives you access not just to FUKK’s facilities but to the larger community of PB43. PB43 is a true gem, and a creative community housing the studios of visual artists, architects, cycle-makers, designers, musicians, dressmakers, permaculturists, DJs, giant wooden trolls, and so much more! Also, we’ve got a sauna.

NOTE: If you’re interested in being a part of the FUKK art collective, but don’t need your own dedicated workspace, you can contact us for further information. FUKK loves you!


Mail: call@fukk.dk
Web: fukk.dk