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Office desk space


Office desk space

2500 kr per seat per month




At the very well equipped and extremely cozy Schillerhuset (Nannasgade 28), my tiny company, Raunow Production & Consulting ApS, has a tiny office. Presently we're just two people in the room that will easily fit 2-3 more. Plus, we'd like some friendly company :-) We work in IT and film production and would love some like minded office mates. There's a great cantina, an awesome bar and loads of other facilities here. It's well suited for regular office work and there's table, chair, screen included. There're no windows though, so that's great for work motivation in the summer and for not getting depressed in the winter :-D I should warn that I have a fair amount of Teams meetings during the week, but you don't have to laugh at my jokes! :-P Vi taler både dansk og engelsk :-)


Jannick Raunow - jannick@raunow.dk - 29722786